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When Worlds Collide by Nalaka Gunawardene“When Worlds Collide” is one of my favourite phrases: I like to probe what happens when the old meets the new; when cultures intersect; or when arts mixes with science. Also how orthodoxy clashes with modernity.

This is an overarching theme I have been interested in all my lie, and forms the basis of a weekly newspaper column I have been writing from Feb 2012 in the broadsheet newspaper Ceylon Today, published in Sri Lanka.

In 2012 and 2013, the column appeared on Sundays. From 2014, it has become a Friday column. The scope remains the same.

I scan the whole world and the full range of human endeavours. I don’t like to be trapped within the boundaries of a single country, subject or ideology. I especially like to see what happens when literal and metaphorical ‘worlds collide’ – for example between science and development; or ICTs and society; or technology and public policy; and old or new media. Like when ocean currents meet, this is where the action and ‘riches’ are!

Join me in this exploration!

More about myself at my main blog: Nalaka Gunawardene Profile

NOTE: Although on a blogging platform, this blog actually archives newspaper columns that have all first appeared in print in Ceylon Today broadsheet newspaper in Sri Lanka.

Courtesy: The PC Weenies

Courtesy: The PC Weenies

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  1. Disclaimer: No, I don’t anything like the blogger in cartoon above — as mistakenly presumed by some readers!

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